Friday, March 28, 2008


Travis is playing baseball. Jackson decided he would not. We forced him to play basketball which he ended up saying it was his "favorite sport". I only got him to play by telling him he wouldn't have to play baseball if he'd play basketball. All through the season, I kept trying to change those words to "we'll see about it", or " you'll like baseball, too, " or, " you run less in baseball than in basketball." Nothing worked. All he remembered was "you said if I played basketball, I didn't have to play baseball. So.... one plays ball while the other one plays with other kids. Tuesday night was our first game and somehow I goofed. I heard 6:30 so we arrived at 6:20 10 minutes early..... wrong!! We were 20 minutes late. The game started at 6:00. I felt horrible. Travis was fine and nobody made a big deal but I felt like a rotten mom. We got there earlier tonight. I feel better.

His coach is the coach for the high school team in our town so the boys get really go throws they can hit. You can tell a big difference in the coaches. We are really lucky to be on our team. They really take up a lot of time with the boys. Travis is having a ball. I looked at him in the outfield Monday night to see him wiping dirt on his pants. Tonight he fell and the first thing he did when he got up was to look to see how much dirt was on his pants, not look for the ball. Kids are so funny. They have been winning and he is proud. I am proud of him for getting out there and doing his best. He is really encouraging his brother to try, also. Who knows, Jackson might suprise us all one day and decide to play something else.


Amberly said...

Cute pic of Travis! Have fun!

Sheila said...

Great Pic! I miss my son being little and playing baseball, he is 6'2 a senior in High School and into girls! Enjoy it, and so good to visit with you!