Friday, March 28, 2008


Yes, I am here. I have not flown the coop, gone further south for the winter/spring. I have just been home busying myself with 9 puppies for the past 8 weeks. Oh, yeah, and 2 boys, an inside dog, a husband, 2 big outside dogs, work, and a household. Did I leave something out? I have almost considered leaving the blogging world but my family, and I love you all, made me feel so loved this past weekend, when they said, "oh, no, you better not." Thanks guys. I really needed that. I am sorry I haven't been updating but I have been busy.

Now that the "state" lady has come to check out my classroom, YEAH!!! I can breathe a little bit now. I did pretty well to say the least. I managed to get all Exceeds in every area but one. I will just work harder on that area next year if I am still in Pre-K. Did I tell you all that I will be transferring to a new school. YES, after 16 years in the same wonderful school, it is bitter sweet but a welcome change I guess. We had to lose 8 positions and since my children were going to be going there I figured it would be a great opportunity for me. Plus it's only 3 miles from home. WOOHOO!!! I can sleep a little later or even walk if I get up at the same time. Yeah, right. ROTFL!!!! My kids wouldn't allow that. Walk, when you have a car, what do you mean? Their g'mother lives right behind us and they frequently ask me to drive them up there. That is when we are coming from town, of course. It's still quicker for me to pull in to my house and them to run up the hill. They are beginning to figure it out.

It is time to start getting rid of the puppies. We just put an ad in two papers that just ran today. We are hoping to get lots of calls this weekend. We really hoped we could sell them by word of mouth but no luck. So, I hope after spending $146 we at least sell 1. I bought 37 lbs of puppy chow Monday evening. Can you believe I will not have enough to go around in the morning? I only feed them 2 cups, each a day. (am/pm) I do feed the two big dogs 2 cups a day so that's 24 cups a day for all the dogs. You would still think 37lbs would last longer than 8 feedings, huh. I don't think I am feeding them too much. They don't look too fat, but they aren't puny either.

Tomorrow is our last day of school before spring break. I am ecstatic. I am thinking of taking the boys to Jekyll Island for a day or two. I want to do something fun and exciting, although staying home and doing nothing is very tempting, too. I'll write a bit more during the break. It's good to be back!!

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Drama Mama said...

I am glad you are back! I do not want a puppy. We are about to get a rat, I mean a hamster. Husband said no more dogs. i might have some coupons for you! Lets meet at the DQ again and i'll give you your hair care products back form October!!! Call ME!!!