Friday, April 4, 2008


Great news... we sold all our puppies. We are so excited to see them all go to good homes. Yes it is a little sad this morning to wake up and know that they are not out there but to know that there are 9 happy families, that's even better.

We had lots of calls and inquiries about the puppies and I really thought from the way most people talked they would have been gone last Saturday. It really amazed me how serious they sounded, you spend 15 or more minutes talking about the parents, the puppies, they are coming the next day, etc. and then you never hear from them again. Jimmy and I also priced our puppies at a great price of $250 just so people who wanted a purebred German Shepherd, could get one at a price that wouldn't force them to take out a loan. You wouldn't believe the number of people who wanted us to "cut" the price or take less. Oh, well, you live and learn. Y'all, $250 was a very fair price. Our dogs are nice looking and well taken care of, too. There is a lot that goes into raising dogs and caring for them. Let me tell you, 11 GS's, 2 adult and 9 pups, eat a LOT of food. Anyway, we had fun and they are all in great homes and everyone seemed very happy. We hope to do it again. We may even have a website soon, TWIN OAKS KENNEL, so BOLO. (police talk for be on the look out :) )

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