Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Last November hubby bought me a guitar for my anniversary/birthday/Christmas. Well, it has sat around the house and I have strummed around a bit, tried to learn a few chords and even tried selling the thing. Well, after talking to a friend at church, he told me resell was like that of a car, LOW. So, I decided I would be better off going ahead with lessons. Tonight was my first lesson and I actually enjoyed myself. I was a bit surprised when my instructor just started out teaching me strings and I began playing. I don't remember too much about learning to play the piano or the flute. It still amazes me how my band teacher taught us all to play different instruments in the same class. Anyway, I kinda thought he'd teach me the parts of the guitar or see if I knew them- no, he just jumped right in. I told him to treat me as if I knew nothing since it has been sooo long ago. This is just something I have always wanted to learn to do and I am so proud of myself. He was a very encouraging instructor, too. Even though he told me I may want to trim my nails. (Ha, Ha) They are fake and I do plan to have them taken off.

By the end of the lesson he asked me what kind of music I wanted to play and I said I loved the 70's, the old rock, and I picked up my guitar and said you have to teach me - to which I began strumming and singing- "I've been through the desert on a horse with no name..." for some reason, every time I pick up that thing and strum, that song seems to come out. I really can't say I even like it all that much.

He is making a music book and I am his guinea pig he said and the song in there is Brown
Eyed Girl, which is my ring tone when hubby calls. Oh, I can't wait to learn that. When I got home, I said, "Travis, guess what song I am going to learn, he said, "what, Old McDonald"? That's probably more my speed but at my age I gotta skip that and move on to Sweet Home Alabama!!

Y'all wish me luck and pray for my family and my teacher. It's going to be painful for a while.


Alicia said...

Just stopping by to say hello and know that I am impressed that you are taking guitar lessons! Keep it up.

Totallyscrappy said...

Good luck with those lessons!

Sheila said...

Hey girl, sounds exciting. Are you finished with your school year yet? We have 2 days and 2 hours to go...yeah...Are you excited about the new school for next year? Don't worry I am sure everything will be great after you settle in. I really don't know which school I will be at. I can return to the one I am at, but I am going to see what opens this summer. I sure miss you hope to see new post soon.