Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have been busy trying to paint my bedroom. I started Saturday and did a pretty good job. DH actually said it was "wonderful". I know I never posted pictures of my dining room that I tackled over spring break-but I did my room in the exact colors. Most of my dining room is reddish/ maroon- the color of the boys door- the bottom is "brown bag". I also used bb in the boys room. My bedroom is right the opposite with the red on the bottom and the brown on the top. I really like it. I just can't wait until DH finishes it. He does the "cutting". I am soo bad at that. But I must say, my badness paid off in my dining room. I ended up with some fabulous crown molding that I didn't have before I got RED splotches (just a few) on the ceiling.

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Sheila said...

Tricia we painted a couple of years ago and the only room we didn't paint was my bedroom! I wish we had, because now I am considering painting it before school starts (Aug.5th) and dragging my feet.
Post some pics. of your painted rooms.