Monday, June 2, 2008


Hello everyone!! It's been while since I posted. It has been quite busy around here. We officially started our summer last Wednesday. As soon as I finished our end of the year cook out we left for Disney World. We weren't in a big rush because we were not scheduled to check in our resort until Thursday. We figured we'd drive until we got tired and stop and get a hotel. Well, about Lake City hubby decided we'd pull into a hotel for the night. We had supper at Steak and Shake and headed to bed. We stayed in a new Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites. Boy was it nice. We had a good night sleep and got up the next morning and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Not really my favorite but hubby really loves it. The last time we ate there, I ordered an egg sandwich on sourdough. I asked her to add bacon. Let me tell you, that was the best sandwich I think I have ever put in my mouth. It came with mayo and tomato. I was going to take the tomato off but decided to try something new. Boy and I glad I did.

Around lunchtime Thursday we pulled in to our resort. We got lost a few times. Or should I say turned around. But the way I see it, it wouldn't be vacation if we didn't. No, I wasn't driving. Are we ever, girls? We had a very nice resort. It is owned by Wyndham. It is actually my cousins timeshare. The room was nice- one bedroom, a living room, kitchen, dining area and nice bathroom. Perfect for staying around or going out. (the boys slept on the sofa bed)

Thursday we just rested from the trip. We did play putt putt that night and much to my chagrin, it was fun. At one hole or another, we all made a hole in one. Oh, yeah, the scores went like this: the boys and I all scored 61, and hubby scored 51. How in the world did that happen. We played again on Saturday night but didn't keep score.

Friday we had made arrangements to go to the park later in the day and stay for the fireworks. It worked out great. We got to ride everything we wanted to and then some. The lines weren't to terribly long, but those fast passes really help. T had a great time on Space Mnt. It was his first time. J rode Splash Mnt. and actually kept his head up. I even held my hands up. The last time we rode, J and I both put our heads down- he was terrified. I was really proud of him this time.

After church services Sunday we had lunch and headed back home. We got home at 10pm last night. All in all it was great. It felt really good when the boys said, "this is the best vacation ever." (this is only our 5th time taking the boys. DH and I are addicted)

This week the boys are going to Camp Cowpie which is a local boyscout day camp. They got back around 3:30 pm this afternoon and were so excited. Sounds like they are going to have a great week.


Sheila said...

Hi there stranger....good to have you back! lol Your vacation sounds wonderful. My SIL and her family went to Disney the last week of school...imagine
I am so glad we are out for the summer...yeah...
I hope you and the boys have a wonderful summer break.
The camp sounds fun.
Have a blessed and restful rest of the week.

April said...

Glad you had a great time - my kiddos sooo want to get back to Disney soon!

We're just hanging out for the summer - going to Y-camp by day and swimming by night.