Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We are having a Gospel Meeting this week at our church. It is going well and we have heard some very thought provoking lessons from God's word. If any of my local readers would like to come one night this week let me know. We are a small, young, friendly group with lots of kiddos!!

Tonight the boys and I decided we would go play some tennis after services. Oh, we had the best time. The boys have taken some lessons in the past but we haven't played in a while. Plus I don't know how much they really learn in those classes since there are several kids and it's not one on one. Well, turns out, they learned a pretty good little bit and a good deal of it has stuck with them. We hit back and forth quiet a few times. I was impressed to say the least. I guess we "played around" and believe me that's all it was, for about an hour. Burning those calories!! We had no control over the ball and we look like a bunch of nuts!! But hey, we had a ball. (no pun intended)

Jackson hasn't really found his niche' as far as sports go. He ended up liking basketball, since I forced him to play. He says he'll play again since his daddy is going to coach next season. (That was DH's game in high school.) Jackson also said the other day, he likes tennis. Now I don't know if it's because he doesn't think he has to move much or what. We were reading through a Tennis book together today and it said, you have to be quick on your feet. Last week when we played, I was forever saying, "Jackson, you have to move son!" If the ball didn't come to him, oh well. Tonight he was moving- all over the place. I was proud of him. When it was time to to he didn't want to leave. Maybe he really does like tennis. He just doesn't like to be outside. Unfortunately, I think he's picked up my bad habits. (we both love TV- only thing is I can watch TV, AND fold clothes. If the TV is on he is so absorbed. I know it is awful.) Moderation, I am constantly saying. I am making improvements, however and so is he. We are on the road to making this family what it needs to be- a MOVIN' GROVIN', SHAKIN' and BAKIN' Family!! :)

Body Flow and Body Attack- (I hope it is attacking my fat)- in the morning. Gotta get up bright and early for that. Goodnight for now!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tricia,

Are you guys still going to be having the gospel meeting on Thursday night? If so what time? I'll be working on thursday so I'll be up that way and I'll try to come :) Just e-mail me at hmaker@bellsouth.net

How are things going?

Kristyn McAdams

Sheila said...

Hi Tricia! We just finished our VBS a week ago! It was really good this year! Our Gospel Meeting is the second full week of July (the Elders keep that date every year) and it is always so good, inspires me and gives me a jump start in the middle of summer!
I am glad you and your family are having a great summer break, you haven't post anything lately about the new school? Are you excited?
I hope you all have a blessed and beautiful day.