Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today on Oprah, they did makeovers on this group of women who were shlumpadinkas. It amazes me how they transform these people. My thoughts are: they don't smile, comb their hair, or do anything basically in the before picture. In the after picture, they have on make-up, combed and styled hair, new clothes, and a big smile. I know I'd smile too, but come on. Do they really look that bad before? I know most of them do need to update their looks but.....

I didn't really want to talk about that so, I'll move on. Oprah's stylist told 10 things every woman needs in her closet. I had to write them down so I can start my search. I thought I would share for those of you who were busy with more important things... lol

1. A Trench coat- color wasn't specified- he put a red one with a sash/belt on one lady
2. Black turtleneck (?)
3. Black trousers- in your size- whatever that is- (he said that) I think his point was bigger people feel self conscious but if we dress right we look great no matter what our size. And like Dion Sanders says, "you look good, you feel good, you feel good, you play good, you play good, you get paid good."
4. A tunic (a long Asian looking top- I'm sure they come in all kinds)
5. White, yes, he said WHITE jeans and dark jeans- wash dark ones inside out so they don't fade as much or so fast.
6. Little/ or Big black dress
7. White, again, or dark blue denim jacket- never a stone washed one.
8. Black skirt
9. Cashmere Sweater (not as expensive as you might think)
10. Flats/over sized bag

He also said leopard print shoes match anything. They did on the show today. I was surprised. I would have never considered that. Tonight I found myself looking for some. Another tip- your purse and your shoes should NOT match. Today he had the leopard shoes with a red purse. Don't over accessorize and don't wear PANTYHOSE!!!! Yeah!!!!

Another combination he had was a red pant, yellow shirt and short white jacket. I don't remember the shoes- hey leopard would look great and an over sized bag.

I did get a pair of cute flats tonight. Again, something I would have never considered before today.
I found a great white denim like jacket but didn't want to spend $60. I think I'll go back later with my discount that starts tomorrow, 20% off and see if I can get a better deal. Oh yeah, white is not only for the summer anymore- what do y'all think about that?

BTW-one lady even had on a pair of Yoga pants with, I don't remember, and she looked so cute!! He got her out of her elastic waist sweat pants.

If anyone wants to go shopping next month, let me know!!


Sheila said...

Tricia, how much fun. Sounds like you are getting ready for School and the new school. You haven't posted about it lately? Are you excited, scared, or just like me putting off thinking about the grind of work again. lol

Totallyscrappy said...

Leopard flats, you say? Sounds kinda fun and funky!