Monday, July 14, 2008


For those of you not familiar with this part of the world, Helen, GA is a quaint little town nestled in the North Georgia Mountains. It is made up to look like a German town. We told the boys we would take them there for their birthday. They love tubing down the river. Well, DH would say more like walking. It wasn't that deep in many spots and due to the huge amount of rocks in there, big and small, you get stuck.

We got to our camping area around 4:45 and got checked in. The boys, plus a friend, were dying to go swimming. DH took them to the pool while I was getting things set up. We were in a pull behind trailer that they rent out at this place. Uh, and might I mention, it was small!!! Anyway, the boys go swimming and I work on getting supper ready. After our delicious spaghetti dinner, we head back to the pool. (yeah, we waited 30 minutes after we ate.) Once the boys were tired of swimming, they went into the nice, big club house to color, play pool and play cards. Unfortunately, other kids had the pool balls and no one wanted to play NERTS with me. They had fun coloring anyway. My boys LOVE art, drawing, coloring and creating things. Well, we called it a night around 11:00pm and headed back to the trailer. I guess we finally got settled around midnight and the lights were out. ~Did I mention that I was reading a great book this entire time- THE WOODS by Harlan Coben. Check it out it is one of the best!!~

Saturday morning we were up bright and early. We had decided we'd let the boys play around the camp area, go swimming and then after lunch they'd go tubing while Mama went shopping. After lunch they were all ready to go. I took them to the "get in spot" and remembered I had left my camera at the campsite. Being too far to go back, I just ran upstairs to the little shop and paid $13 for a waterproof one. Great idea. I took pictures before they left and my boys and DH had instructions to take pictures along the way. It was about 2:45pm when I left them and I would meet up with them in town around 5:00pm.

I managed to do a little bit of browsing. Lots of walking, which I needed and bought 2 books. They were entitled- The Hair-Raising Joy of Raising Boys and 7 Things He Won't Tell You (but you need to know). Uh, yeah, I could say I need some help here. I think I just love buying books.

Most of the shops in this town- not all though- have stuff you can get from that place that "Howard Cunningham" advertises for. Yeah, overpriced stuff. We love it though. Actually, the place my boys love to shop, that's where that stuff looks like it comes from. Oh, well, they love it and have fun. Not to mention they go several times a year. Mostly with grandparents.

Well, it was time for me to start looking for my crew. I headed to the "get out place" and waited and looked. I was also reading. I couldn't put the book down it was so good, and suspenseful!! Well, right about 4:55, here they come. I saw everyone getting out but I also saw my crew a little further down sitting and looking in the water. What on earth? Oh, my, they dropped the camera was my first thought. NO ONE had it. When they finally made their way to me, I said, "y'all lost the camera didn't you?" DH said, his tube turned over- mind you he never fell out- he always got bumped out- and he lost it. I asked him why he didn't have it on his arm with the rubber band that was on it, and he said I did. Oh my word. He didn't want to take it with him in the first place. That's what I get for insisting. Jackson said, "I took pictures mom." Thanks, J.

The boys were thinking of buying a shirt. I happend to notice one that said, TUBE NAKED, it adds color to your cheeks. Travis quietly told me, "it means your butt cheeks, mom." I just laughed. And no, I didn't have to talk any of them out of wanting to buy that shirt. Thank goodness!! :)

Sunday morning we were all up again, bright and early. We packed up and headed out. We were able to attend worship services in a nearby town. I enjoy doing that. We always end up meeting some wonderful folks. I remember doing this as a kid, too. We never leave God out of our vacations and we are teaching our kids this, too. After services, we had lunch and spent most of the afternoon at a nearby mall. It was so fun. We could have just gone their and spend our entire weekend doing things. We would like to go there for a day trip.

We left the mall around 4:30. We would make it back for evening services at home. We always plan everything we do around our worship to God. My life seems crazy, now. I can't imagine leaving HIM out. With rain and traffic we ended up at services around 6:20, but we made it. We all slept all the way home. Except for DH, of course. He was just glad the boys had stopped singing and yelling. That reminds me, I have to read the book. There were times when my hair was up and I am beginning to think that is all so normal- to some extent at least.

We had a great time and now DH want to take the boys rafting. I will be planning that trip soon!!

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Sheila said...

This vacation sound wonderful. We loved to camp when our troup was younger, Richard and I still go, they show up for awhile. Enjoy it while they are little.
I agree with keeping God with you even on vacation. We always enjoy visiting with others and participating in the worship service. I can't imagine people not having God and a Church Family. I couldn't survive without mine.
Thanks so much for sharing with us.
Have a blessed day.